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Adding W.W. Norton links to individual assignments

In this tutorial, you will learn how to add links to individual W.W. Norton assignments(Chapter Quizzes, Listening Guides, etc) to Canvas assignments.

1. Create an assignment

Note: If you set up your Canvas course to link to individual Norton assignments, students will have to follow your link to each individual assignment in order for the grade information to be passed back to Canvas.

If a student has completed additional assignments through the Norton Digital Resources page, they can simply follow the links from your Canvas course and the grade info will be passed back retroactively.

Whether they will be considered assignments or quizzes for the purposes of your course, create a Canvas assignment to "house" the Norton assignment.

2. Edit the assignment settings

Canvas Assignment creation for Norton Listening Guide
  1. Name your assignment. 
  2. Decide on a point value.
  3. For Submission Type select External Tool
  4. Paste the link to the specific Norton assignment. (e.g. https://ncia.wwnorton.com/2592)
  5. Decide whether you would like to open the Digital Resource in a new tab. This will improve accessibility.

Note: The specific links for your textbook will be available by contacting W.W. Norton support.

For help creating a Canvas assignment click here.

Note: You will have to set the Availabilty dates through the Norton Digital Resources Page as well as in the Canvas assignment settings for the dates to be propery enforced.

The Norton assignments will still be available after the set date, but they will not contribute to students' grades.

3. Save the assignment

Click to Save (or Save & Publish) your assignment.

Canvas save or save and publish buttons