How do I use Zoom from Canvas?

You will learn how to add a Zoom Meeting to Canvas.

1. Login to Canvas

Need help with getting into Canvas?  Please click here for help.

2. Create a Zoom Meeting

Need help with creating a Zoom Meeting?  Please click here for help.

  1. Login to ZOOM
  2. Select Meetings from the left-side bar menu
Zoom navigation window, highlighting meetings tab

Select the meeting you want to use in Canvas from the list of meetings in Zoom

On the Upcoming Meetings tab, click the meeting name in the Topic column

List of meetings in Zoom, Upcoming Meetings tab selected then selecting a specific meeting.

Copy the meeting URL to the clipboard

  1. Locate the meeting URL in Meeting Information
  2. Copy the Join URL

Add the meeting ID to your Canvas course

Students using Zoom from mobile device may need to download the Zoom app to join a Zoom meeting.  They will need to join the meeting by using the Meeting ID in the app.  Please share the Meeting ID in your course along with the Meeting URL for your students using tablets and phones.

Add the meeting URL to your Canvas course

Depending on how you have configured your Canvas course you may be adding the link to a module, page or assignment.

You also have the option of adding an item to the Course Navigation Bar; a Zoom button! Please click here for help.

Need help with adding a link to a module in Canvas? Please click here for help.

Need help with adding a link using the Rich Text Editor (for assignments or pages) in Canvas?  Please click here for help.