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How do I upload a Zoom meeting to YouTube?

Canvas has limits on the size of courses and using YouTube as a video repository is a great space saving tool.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to upload a recorded Zoom meeting to YouTube. 

Record your Zoom meeting

For more information about recording your Zoom meeting click here.

If you have activated the Record on this Computer feature during the course of your meeting, the recording will automatically be saved locally to your computer at the conclusion of your meeting. 

Zoom meeting actions, record and record on computer highlighted.

Log in to your myHumboldt Gmail account

Logging in to myHumboldt will allow you to use YouTube from the same Google account.

My Humboldt login screen

Within your Gmail tab, click the Google Apps button in the upper right corner of your screen, then locate and click YouTube.

You may have to click on more for additional Google applications.

1. On Google Chrome, or once you log into your Google account, (your HSU login info), select the box of cubes in the upper right of your screen. The Google app window will open.

Google App window

2. In the Google app window, look at the bottom of the list and select More.

Google App manager window selecting Youtube in the More section.

3. Select Youtube. You can attach this to your main Google app window by dragging and dropping the app to your preferred location.

Make sure you are actually signed in

You may have to click the Sign in in the upper right corner of your screen.

Youtube Sign In button

Upload your Zoom Meeting

Once in YouTube, you will see an upload button (an upward pointing arrow) in upper right corner. Click here to begin the upload process.

Youtube Upload Button

If this is your first time uploading you will be asked to create a YouTube Channel. If the user information looks correct, simply click 'Create Channel.'

Youtube Create Channel Window

Select or 'drag and drop' your video

From here, you can either click on the Select files to upload area to open a file browser, or simply drag and drop your video file.

Youtube upload screen

Modify your video's Basic Info

At this point you can edit the title, description, and tags for your video as well as decide how you would like to share your video. (Public, Unlisted, Private, or Scheduled)

1. Add a descriptive title in box #1

2. If you'd like, add a description and tags in boxes #2 and #3

3. Choose how you would like to share the video in the dropdown in box #4 (There is a chart for these options below) Choose 'Unlisted' if you would like the video to remain private but viewable by anyone with the link.

4. When you are finished, click 'Publish' in box #5

Youtube video upload and processing screen, fill out the required fields.

Learn more about Youtube video privacy settings at this link here.

Youtube privacy information

Add your video to your Canvas course (optional)

If you'd like to add this YouTube video to your Canvas course, follow this guide.