CTL GuidesTeaching and Learning ToolsZoomZoom How do I record a Zoom meeting as a student?

How do I record a Zoom meeting as a student?

You will learn how to record a Zoom session.

1. Go to humboldtstate.zoom.us

Type https://humboldtstate.zoom.us/ in your web browser and hit Enter.

HSU zoom url

2. Host a video through Zoom with the video on.

Click the Host a Meeting button.

HSU Zoom homepage selecting the drop down Host a Meeting

3. Sign in with your HSU email

You may be prompted to allow access to open the Zoom app or download it if you haven't already. Click Open to bring up the Zoom app.

New window prompting user to open zoom with their HSU login.

4. Join the Audio Conference by Computer.

Zoom audio conference option window, join by phone call, compuer audio

5. Click the Record button and then Record on this Computer.

Meeting by Computer window, select the record button then record on this computer selected.

6. After you finished recording, click the Stop button in the top left.

Selecting stop in the top left

7. When finished, click End Meeting in the bottom right to end the recording and save the file.