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How do I share a document in Zoom to collaborate with Google Docs?

In this tutorial you will learn how to collaborate using Google Docs while in a Zoom Meeting.

Zoom allows for screen sharing on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices running Zoom.

  • The host and participants can share by clicking on the Share Screen button.
  • The host does not need to "pass the ball" or  "make someone else a presenter" to share.
  • The host can "lock screen share" so no participant can screen share.

1. Prepare your Google Doc

As an instructor/meeting host, you will need to set the proper permissions on your Google Doc that you intend to share during your Zoom session.

1.  Open your Google Doc

Google Docs document list

2.  Click SHARE in the top right corner

Google Doc SHARE button

3.  Click Get shareable link

Google Doc Get shareable link button

4.  From the dropdown, select Anyone at Humboldt State University with the link can edit

Google Doc Link Sharing Options - select" Anyone at Humboldt State University with the link can edit"

5.  Click Copy link

6.  Click Done

Google Doc Copy link and Done buttons

Within the Zoom Group Chat, via email, or using any other preferred contact method, send the document link that you copied to your students/participants.

Google Doc share link sent in Zoom Group Chat

3. Ask All Participants to Share Their Screens

Before prompting your students, make sure your settings are set to allow multiple participants to share simultaneously.

1.  Click the Up Arrow to the right or the Share Screen button

2.  Make sure the Multiple participants can share simultaneously option is checked

Zoom Toolbar - Sharing options button

After you start your Zoom meeting, ask all your students/participants to enable screen sharing.

How to Screen Share (Guide your students)

From the Zoom toolbar, click Share Screen

Zoom Toolbar - Share Screen button

Your students have the option of sharing their Desktop or an individual application/window. In this case, the student/participant would be sharing the Google Doc for collaborative editing.

Click the Browser Window option where your Google Doc is open

Click Share Screen

Zoom Screen Sharing window select screen and Share Screen button

4. Collaborate

You are ready to begin collaborating with Google Docs!