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How do I share my recorded Zoom meetings?

If you have recorded a Zoom meeting to the cloud, you can access the recording via the Humboldt State University Zoom website: https://humboldtstate.zoom.us

The Recording will consist of a video file, an audio only file, and a transcript of the audio when available.

These files can be downloaded or shared directly from the Zoom cloud.

1. Record a Zoom Meeting

For more information about recording your Zoom meeting click here.

2. Login to the HSU Zoom Website

Navigate to https://humboldtstate.zoom.us and click Login in the upper right corner

HSU Zoom Website Homepage with Login button

Login to the myHumboldt portal

myHumboldt Login Page

3. Share Your Recorded Meeting

Click on the Recordings tab in the menu on the left

HSU Zoom Website Navigation Menu showing Recordings tab

Click the Share... button on the right of your recorded meeting

HSU Zoom Website Cloud Recordings Tab

Modify the sharing settings to fit your needs and click Copy To Clipboard

This will copy the entire Recording Link Information area to your clipboard including the actual link.

If you want to share only the link without the Topic and Start Time, you can manually select and copy it.

Recording Sharing Settings Window

You are now ready to paste the copied link wherever you want to share it!